Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 Leanne: I just found out that there may be a surprise happening sometime soon.
 Kit: it is super, epic, awesome, amazing, magnificent, . . . . and I don't know what it is!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 
Leanne: As you see I have not told the girls yet.
Kit: all she does is drop tantalizing hints, such as, "It will be a really big change in our lives." AAAAARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leanne: mwa ha ha XD
Kirsten: Kit, you need to learn some patience.
Kaya: She doesn't even know what patience means. :)
Kit: Ha ha ha.
( Kaya: I also would like to know the surprise.
Kirsten: Me too. 
Kit: Maybe if we gang up on her. . . )
Leanne: I can hear you plotting.
Kit: Us? Plotting?
Kirsten: Can you give us three hints?
Kaya: Please?
Leanne: OK, but only three. Number 1. It is French.
Kit: what's that supposed to mean?
Leanne: Number 2. It is very similar to me.
Kirsten: Thinking, thinking, thinking.
Leanne: Number 3. You will know about it on Friday.
Kaya: Why Friday?
Leanne: No more hints.
The K's: Hmm. . . .

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Summer Wedding

Kirsten: I love this dress! The only thing I don't like is that I have no place to wear it! :P Leanne is so creative! If you look in the Extras section of this blog there is a bouquet and veil to go with it. The Materials needed for this outfit are:

 Girls size 16-18 plain t-shirt (no decal), Fabric scraps that match the t-shirt, Scissors, Needle, and Thread

Take the t-shirt and lay it out in front of you. Cut off one sleeve, the hem, and the part of the t-shirt from the bottom of the sleeves downward.

 Take the main body of the t-shirt and gather the whole top edge so that it fits the doll. 

Now you want to take the sleeve of the t-shirt and sew its non-hemmed edge to the gathered section of the skirt.

There are two options you can choose from for this step. Option #1 has a belt and no sleeves, while Option #2 has sleeves and no belt. 

 Option #2
 Option #1

Or you can be like me and break all the rules by choosing Option #3, which has both.

In the previous pictures, I just placed the straps so if your dress has straps then you should sew them on now. The belt is just tied any way you want. 

Technically, the dress is finished but if like me you want to add some embellishments then feel free! If you want some pointers there are instructions for Pinwheels, Rosettes, Bouquets, Veils, and Gloves in the Extras section of this blog. Mine is for a summer wedding but I would love to see or hear about your ideas for weddings in all seasons!

Kirsten:(Where is my bouquet!?! I can't get married without my bouquet!) Leanne:(Kirsten, you're not even old enough to date. ) Kirsten:( Oh. Right.) Leanne:(XD)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One Sock Wonder

This is one of Leanne's easiest outfits. I think it looks really good if I do absolutely nothing with my hair. The materials needed for this outfit are:

 A Mens size wool sock, Thread, Ribbon/Long scrap of fabric, Scissors, and a Needle
Take the sock and cut it  between the heel and the toe

  Take the piece of the sock with the toe, and hold it up to your doll with the toe at her head. Mark where you want the waistline to be and then cut along that line.


Step 3. Take the toe of the sock and cut it up the back and cut armholes on each side, this doesn't have to be precise

 Put the top on the doll and cut the back in a V-shape. Also cut a slight neckline. Sew the pieces that make up the point of the V together. That will finish the bodice.

 Take the piece of the sock with the heel, and cut the heel off. This is the skirt. The cuff of the sock will be the top of the skirt.

Step 6. Put the bodice on the doll, put the skirt on the doll, and arrange them so that the top edge of the skirt is covering the bottom edge of the bodice. Take your piece of ribbon/scrap fabric, and tie it around the waistline. This is the finished outfit.

P.S. Whoops! I forgot my shoes.

Trendy Tank Top

This is my favorite design that Leanne makes. I think that it is super stylish and it makes me feel like an African princess. The materials needed for this outfit are:

Girls size 14-16 tank top, Thread, Big button that goes well with tank top, and a Needle

 Lay the top out flat in front of you. Sew the top left strap to the back left strap right where they attach to the bodice. Repeat with the right side.

Step 2. Take the tank top and place it on the doll. Take your index finger and about two finger segments in, sew the front and back together. Do this on both sides.

 Wrap the straps around behind the doll and pin them in the front. Sew the button on one of the straps, it doesn't matter which.

  Take the strap that does not have the button and loop it around the one that does. This is the
completed garment.
P. S. All I need now is a spear! Mwa hahaha!